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L&W celebrates 50 Years serving the rail industry.  Founders Herb Watkins and Jim Long started the company in 1969 after discovering the need for quick delivery of parts and tools needed in the field. Herb worked for Union Pacific and was able to draw on his first hand experiences to start L&W to fill this niche market. Herb and his family expanded into design, manufacturing and distributing of signal products, grade crossing assemblies, bungalows and other mission critical items.

The business has expanded design, manufacturing and distribution services. Products are shipped across North America to all Class I railroads as well as smaller regional railroads. Products are also designed and delivered to large project integrators and construction companies for installation on both freight and transit rail markets.

Thanks to our customers for letting us serve you and your needs. Thanks to our founders, the former and current team members who helped cultivate this rich heritage and legacy.


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